Arisa is a dragon and is one of the main characters in The Dragon Within. Arisa's dragon form is named Arianna. She was created by Joshua Hina and was first seen in chapter one.

Character Details

Arisa Norinete (The Flame)
Class: Black Guard
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon (she does not know this)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 102 lbs.
Psychical Description: She has her hair short pig-tails and is of light stature. She has a scar on her chest and back from when she was almost killed. Her hair is short and she never wears pants; always a dress or skirt. She is quite cute and strong in addition to being very fast and nimble. She wears a dress that goes down to slightly above her knees and has knee high stockings on with boots. Her sword is at her side and her dagger is held in a small pouch strapped to her left leg.
Personal Description: She does not have any memory of her past; thus she is trying to find out all she can about it and has a deep hatred for anyone that stands in her way. She is very caring when it comes to animals and children. She hardly ever spends any money she makes and would rather save it. She loves to eat, has very few friends and is very smart. She has very good diplomatic skills, can hide easily and move without being detected in the shadows.
History: She is very and excels in fire magic. She can use her sword as an extension of that magic and uses it as more of an extension of her own body. She does not know of her past at all.

Service Record:
Special Training Unit – Laserius Oversight Council
Foot Solider – (Rank 3)
Undercover Operative (Rank 3)
Elite Guard (Rank 2)
Assistant to General Anderson (Rank 1)

Further Information

Sparkle – Blind (2 per day)
Fire (usable with sword) – (2 per day)
Lay on Hands – (2 per day)
Detect Good (2 per day)
Disease Immunity (2 per day)
Detect Poison (2 per day)

Studded Leather Armor (under dress; designed specifically for her; not easily detectable) Cloak
Long Sword
2 Potions (healing)
Gold: 100

Editors Notes

Arisa was based partly off of Misuki Raion and Shana Peirce. She is not really 17; her Dragon age is 392 at the time of the Dragon Within story. She later would end up in Federation space 2000 years later. Please see her involvement in the story after that point by seeing Arisa Norinette.