Ayano is a optimistic aristocratic girl born into the royal court. She was first introduced in the story in Act One of To The Skies: The Journey of A Thousand Years. Ayano is currently a reoccurring character. Ayano was born in Sotherton to the Kogi family; born into one of the lesser known noble houses Ayano had to scrap by in school and started working for the royal court at the age of 10. She started out as a recorder for Senate hearings and eventually at the age of 14 was allowed to work in the Royal Court directly. She excelled and soon was in a position of high authority becoming the chief aide and captain of the emperor’s wives personal guard. Ayano sees things as very simple because of losing her family members at a young age. Her brother raised her and was killed when an Imperial Patrol Ship was destroyed in combat started by Emperor William. Ayano was only told that the Dragonriders did this and as a result she has wanted to seek revenge ever sense. Ayano now only see things as white or black and rarely sees another side to things. She is very simplistic and set in her ways. She likes to eat, jog, dual with others in the court, knit and has been known to be a great singer and songwriter. Ayano aspires to seek revenge for her brother and is not interested in a romantic relationship of any kind with anyone. She wheilds a sword and sidearm in additional to a summon created by Lord Ryon. Ayano has pink hair and blue eyes. She is Caucasian in origin and has white skin; she remains well dressed and has soft skin. When not in uniform she prefers to wear men’s clothes as these aide her in being able to dual. When confronted in the matter she often rationalizes it with “Have you ever tried wielding a sword in a dress.” Ayano is a generally nice person but considers the emperors rule as law regardless of how morally wrong the order is. She is currently 19.