Throughout the conflict between Skynet the adamantium proved life saving in several situations where the sentient cars would have received massive damage otherwise. However, with the introduction of Skynet's AT field, Gates found that the regular grade of adamantium was struggling to deal with that; especially the stronger AT fields that would come later. Gates by mere accident discovered a way to increase the strength of the normal adamantium. While testing his dimensional teleporter prototype, a bit of tungsten ore and adamantium ore fell into contact with the dimensional teleporter's beam. As soon as contact was made the adamantium merged with the tungsten element and mutated the ore at a subatomic level, causing it's color and properties to change. The teleporter could not teleport things at the time but this result was quite unexpected.

This was a fascinating find for Gates and he soon discovered the ore had 3 quarters more strength than normal Adamantium. He recorded the settings from his dimensional teleporter prototype and built another machine dedicated to refining adamantium ore using the same process, thus refined adamantium was born.

This version of adamantium would be first utilized with the Adamantium Bus which would prove to be one of the Revengers best asset in terms of obliterating many of Skynet's obstacles.

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