The Nuance is a stripped down civilian version of the Saber class. it is a cargo ship contracted to the Earth Cargo Authority. The Nuance is owned and commanded by Kenzie Sholtz. It is assigned to deliver and transport cargo around the Eastern fourth edge of the Federation. The ship has an AI program named Kimi and the ship is the main setting of the Nuance side story of the ENRB sessions story. It is also a crucial command point in the war with the swarm.

Ship Specifications

Saber Class Stripped Cargo Ship

Length: 69 Meters 

Height: 20 Meters 

Beam (Width): 50 Meters 

Displacement (Mass): 14,000 Metric Tons 

Crew: 20; skeleton crew of 4 

Max Evac. Capacity: 100 

Decks: 4 

Shuttles: 1

Tactical Systems: 

2 Torpedo Launchers 

4 Phased Anti-Proton Omni Directional Phaser Cannons 

Neutronium Hull Armor 

AG (Artificial Gravity) Field Generators (Provide Structural Integrity to the ship as well as Internal Gravity) 

Multi-Phasic Hull Conforming Shields Type XIII with Ablative Armor Mesh 


2 Hyper-Impulse Engines 

4 RCS Thrusters and Landing Gear for Planetary Landing to deploy cargo 

High Output Slipstream Drive 

Experimental Gem Reaction Chamber (First of its kind since the “techno-apocalypse” 

Deck Listing: Deck 1 

Main Bridge, Captain's Office, Conference Room, Aft Torpedo Launcher, Main Engineering, Gem Drive, Fore and Aft Torpedo Magazines, Computer Core, Shuttlebay 1/Equipment Storage, Chief Engineer’s Office, Security Office/Weapons Lockers, Hydroponics, Arboretum

Deck 2

Crew Quarters (8), XO's Office, Holodeck, Gymnasium, Torpedo Launchers, Lounge, Medical, Medical Officer’s Office, Transporter Room, Docking Ports

Deck 3

Crew Quarters (6), Cargo Container 1, Cargo Container 2, Cargo Container 3, Navigation Controls, Fusion Power Storage, Cargo Transporter, Waste Processing/Recycling Center

Deck 4

Crew Quaters (6), Cargo Container 4, Cargo Container 5, Cargo Container 6, Aux. Weapon Controls, Life Support Systems, Fusion Power Storage, External Hatch