Mission 6: What is it to be human, part 2.

Emily is not sure what to make of the captain when they meet for the first time. She never expected the captain to be so young. She assumed the DFS Command knew what they were doing when they chose her to be a captain of a starship and granted her the full rank of Captain.

Emily tried to make a good impression on her captain, even though she was not being really honest. She told her captain that everyone seemed to be very nice, on the surface that was true, but she was no longer the center of attention and she was having a hard time adapting to that. Of course she could not tell her captain that she was struggling not being the center of attention, so a little white lie, never hurt, right?

Emily and Yuka began to talk about her brother, over the past two years she had not seen much of him. But it was clear that Yuka was able to see him more recently. The way she was describing him, was very accurate. However she really had no real insights to getting a long better with Dom. He was an acquired taste, to say the least. She tried to get Yuka to see that. He is approachable but has a strong moral and ethical code and a strong sense of duty and honor. A little to much for Emily's liking. She offered to talk to Dom for the Captain, but she never got the chance, as quickly as he was assigned to the DFS Lavie, he was wisked away.

Emily regrets not getting a chance to assist the captain in getting to act like a bridge between Dom and the Captain. She wanted to fit and feel wanted, right now she felt like she did not matter to the crew. She needed to find a new way to fit in and soon. She debated about talking to Yuka about her issues, but decided against it.