The Galactic Federation is the government of the allied empires including the EU and the Watchers to fight the Gorlothain Empire. It is the first universal alliance in the history of the Council. It is governed by a council of one member from each member government and replaced the Terran Federation.

Government Officials

President: Lady Hukari Carain

Vice President: Sir Alion De Neresa

President’s Cabinet

Chief of Staff: Jake Noris

Executive Overseer: Minister Norath

Chief Representative: Representative Mir’Aler

Chair of the Senate: Senator Shawn Kent

Minister of Finance: Dr. Zack Asomo Ph.D

Minister of Civil Services: Lucas Robinson VI

SAD Operations Coordinator: Rex Lin

Minister of War/Defense: Dr. Huris Magevine Ph.D

Minister of the Interior: Jessica Ulson

Foreign Affairs Minister: Wes Denton

Special Adviser, Delta Force Operations: Commodore Misuki Raion

Galactic Internal Security Adviser/Special Adviser, Alternative Technologies: Arisa Norinette

Military Commanders

Planetary Security Forces: Senator Glast

Delta Force: Admiral Zorel Bryce 

Federation Fleet: Admiral Frank Taylor

Marine Corps: Brigadier General Joshua Forester

AMC: Commissioner Artirus

Governing Council

Council Chair/Representative of the EU: Elios Adams

Representative of the Western Alliance: Master Shing Chu

Representative of the Terran Union: Wes Denton

Representative of the Outland Worlds: Acu Darlos

Representative of the Aloris Alliance: Lady Naomi Westbridge

Representative of the Klingon Union: Ta'ku

Representative of the Varaxian Union: Mas'hal

Representative of the United Forces Alliance: Captain Jake Frost

Military Representative: Admiral Jacus Uakiem