Kaiori is one of the main protagonists in Kiru-Acu. She first appears in Kiru-acu 2. She was introduced as a member of the Hentori Royal Navy. She was created by Joshua Hina.

Character Information

Character Name: Kaiori Tatolus
Character Age: 35
Character Race: Human
Position: Division Commanding Officer, Alliance Defensive Forces on behalf of the Hentori Royal Navy
Rank: Commodore
Physical Description: She is medium height and slender with green eyes and brown hair. She is light skinned and always dressed nice as she was thought from her noble upbringing. Her hair has grown to just a bit past her shoulders. She always has a small knife on her person just in case along with all the other standard weapons that she is given as the commanding officer of a ship in the Royal Navy.

Personality Overview: She is a nice girl though prepared to take life when needed due to her military training. She tends to get bored very easily however and has to remain reasonable active. She does not like small spaces.

Strengths and Weaknesses: She has a very strong will and a desire to live on that makes her an encouragement to everyone. However her physical strength is not that great and she tends to be quite clumsy.

Interests and Hobbies: Flying lifters, cooking, looking up at the sky, hiking

Background: Kaiori had a normal childhood as a noble. She was tought well by her mother and father though when Hentori was attacked and her father whom was a Captian of a ship did not return she took it upon herself to defend what family she had left. She joined the navy at 14 in the communications branch then moved to the Sonar and stayed for 10 years then was recommended for command. She has commanded 3 ships before this one and served well on those ships.

Other Information:
Birthdate: 11|02|0019 ACT
Blood Type: A+