Kira is a reoccurring character in Justice, EEN and Shattered Stars. He is the commander of the Alchemy Commission's Elite Forces and later joins Delta Force to command a unit there. Kira is in a civil partnership with Mimi Sorinson. Kira was created by Josh Hina.

Name: Kira Masters

Species: Human

Race: Caucasian

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Green

Blood Type: AB +

Weight: 235 lbs

Height: 6' 0"

Physical Description: Kira is very well kept and clean shaven. He looks a lot like a movie star and is very handsome and well built. Kira remains in uniform most of the time and when out of uniform wears and black leather coat and blue jeans with a semi-casual white polo shirt. Kira has no tattoos or pricings

General Description: Kira is very well respected and one of the top members of the Alchemy Commission. He is honorable and very professional. His mission success rate is 100 percent and he will not let civilians get hurt. He is known to be good at his job and is often looked up to and regarded as a good person by his coworkers. Kira is a hand to hand, wind and teleportation gem user. Kira uses a sword with his name embedded in the hilt in the Japanese symbol for Kira. He never uses automatic weapons and relies only on his sword and pistol. Outside of work Kira is caring, supportive and well-liked.


Father: Acu Masters (Works for General Anderson)

Month: Shima Masters (Lives in Japan)

Siblings: None

Living Relatives: Unknown


Mimi Sorinson - Lover

History: Kira was trained in the arts of the sword by his father in addition to martial arts. Kira is a genius and excelled even beyond Mimi and Hikari. Kira graduated at the age of 10 and finished all of his fathers training at the age of 13. He went in search of a teacher for a year and came back with the skills in games even before he joined the Commission. Kira surpassed training requirements and was allowed to join a team at the age of 14. He became the Commander of Team 1 at the age of 15 and was next in line to replace Captain Zeffer until his forced transfer by General Anderson where his death was staged. He and Mimi had planned on starting to see each other when this happened. He still to this day knows that Mimi has feelings for him but does not know how to confront her without hurting her.