Guy (no matter how girly he looks lol)

hair color and type of hair

silver with a small pony tail in the back slightly parted hair in the front

organization and position etc.

class: summoner

skills: summoning

skill with weapons : he might hurt himself first

summons: ifreet (originally meant to go for ifrit but i misspelled so now its ifreet lol)


he wants to be a high summoner but he is mainly a giant pervert he is very proud to be able to summon anything and he can get very arrogant about it. He has a tendency to treat guys really bad but girls like queens no matter if their superior officers or not but seeing as he is a summoner there is no real ranking system within the summoners guild he hasn't really had issues with higher ranking officers. he can be rather vague at time giving only grunts when he is tired. despite what most people think about him being unselfish when the times arise he is very selfish all the time. he is very neutral and he hates it when people spew their own brand of justice. his movements are quite slow so he is easy to hit but of course he has a summon so to him it equals it out

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