Delta Force Energy Weapons

Phaser/Gauss combo

In the late 4300's the combo carbine became the Marine standard for Delta force personnel. A compact long arm, it has the advantages of a phaser rifle but also the kinetic energy delivery of a rail-gun.    

*Note: firing the rail gun can be hazardous to the user if not wearing power armor. It creates a deafening sonic boom that can permanently damage hearing if not wearing armor, the user will be thrown several feet backwards from muzzle blast and recoil.    

Phaser emitter, standard for a Type III phaser rifle.

Weight 8.5 pounds

Length: 20 inches closed stock. 32 inches extended.

Width: 4 inches

Height 9.4 inches

Ambidextrous safety

Phaser: effective range 500 meters

Settings Standard phaser settings

Standard Sarium Kellride power cell

Guass (rail gun)

Fires a powdered tapered metal slug 10mm diameter x 20mm long magnetically accelerated down the barrel by stabilized metallic hydrogen superconducting magnets at 7600mph

Effective range 800 meters with enhanced optics, typical range 600 meters

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