Risa is a character in Connections, DFS Lavie, Marsia Academy and other TNU project stories. She started in the project as a swordswoman with a terminal illness fighting to give value to her life before she passed away. She then came in to being a cross-over character; one of the first into Connections where she met Persephone Branchwood and the two were able to bond before that project ended. In her role in the TNU Core she has been cured of her illness and starts out as a student at Marsia Academy. She is then eventually recruited by the Alchemy Commission. She recruits Kirin and after that has a minor supporting role in future parts of the project. She was created by Josh Hina.
Vital Details
Name: Risa Annabel Ward
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: White
Date of Birth: April 5th 4544
Place of Birth: New York City, North America; Earth
Physical Attributes
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black, long
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 145 lbs
Risa is a calm, motivated and caring person; she has become more optimistic since the curing of her terminal illness. She still wears stockings, combat boots, and a small skirt under her cloak in addition to her under armor. When not in combat she wears a pink dress and heels or sandals. She also occasionally wears a kimono. She used to suffer from a rare terminal illness and never expected to live that long. Even though she was cured she has a weak immune system so she gets sick very easily. She does not like hospitals, is allergic to cats and does not like cold weather. She is skilled in close quarters combat especially with swords even though she does not like to see people hurt. Sitting around to her is unacceptable. Her wishes are that everyone be happy and that she finds someone to live the last moments of her life with together.
Hobbies: Risa has an affinity to music and acting; she plays a guitar when she has time.  Career Description: Risa was selected to join the Alchemy Commission after completing coursework at Marsia Academy. She specializes in manipulation of gem energy and the use of controlled electric shock using the yellow gem. She has minor training in the use of healing gems. She is currently a Lieutenant in the AC and is in charge of a response team.