Sarah Colson is a local-born nineteen year old student at the new Alister Academy managed by the Special Armored Division to replace the other school which was destroyed. She was a senior there prior to the school administration abandoning the building and was in the process of graduating as a Squad Commander and Combat Analyst similar to the position Arianna Manomi held for a short time on the Dropship Echo 4 in Shattered Stars. Watcher Mission Procurement Specialist Daniels placed Misaki Hiroki’s personality in Sarah’s body while still retaining her own personality and so the two cooperate within her body. Daniels’ rationale for placing Misaki in Sarah was to keep her from being killed as she would have died anyway had the Watchers not intervened. She is romantically involved with Cole Andrews her classmate and best friend. Cole, Al, Paul and she make up the Alister Resistance Forces. She is a horrible cook and her survival skills are also poor however to make up for this she has skills in planning, tactics and knows her way around a computer. She has completed pilot training and is acceptable as a pilot but is more fit to relay and interpret information. She is also trained as a field medic. She has a dislike for the Core worlds and the regular military as they feel they are better than the people on the Rim. She does look up to AMC and the Marines though becuase to her; at least they have their honor to stand behind. She hates seeing harm come to others but realizes that it is necessary especially in her role as a soldier. She prefers to mourn those who have died in battle as mentioned by Misaki interpreting her feelings. Much of her past has not been discussed thus far in the story aside from hints related to her relationship with Cole. Sarah looks like the disguised form of Asseylum Vers Allusia from the ALDNOAH.ZERO anime.