Scott is a main character in DFS Lavie. He is the Chief Engineer of the ship. He is a loner and comes to join the crew through his working with the Inter-Universal Technology Command (ITC). He was involved in development of major technology developments during the Lavie arc of Sessions. He was created and played by aqce100 (Scott Y.).

Vital Details:

Name:Scott Johnson Age: 30 Gender: Male Race: Human Nationality: Caucasian Date of Birth: 4536 Place of Birth: unknown

Physical Attributes: Eye colour: blue Hair colour: Brown Height: 6ft1 Weight: 200 Personality: He loves to tinker and have fun though some would say his "fun" is more like chaos. He like to disassemble and expand on readily available things. He will plan out the use and design of new weapons and technologies. He is a bit of a mad scientist. He doesn't like corruption. He wont like to give up on interesting projects. He sometimes prefers solitude of inventing to interacting with people.