Taylor or Tay as she is called by some is a merc in To The Skies. She was hired by Emperor William to kill Cass and the others but upon finding out what is going on she and her partner whom eventually becomes her lover Vekoma join up with Cass. Eventually the two go about on their own way and she is killed by one of the former Emperor's assistants to be revived by a strange priest. Vekoma and Taylor then go off on their own at that point to try to live a life in peace. She was created by Josh Hina

Character Information

Legal Name: Taylor Lynn Larson

Nickname: Tay

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Nationality: Caucasian

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Sliver

Build Class: Light

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 129 lbs

Psychical Description: Tay wears black boots with high heels and thigh high stockings. She also wears a black shorts/skirt mixture with a black blouse and black leather coat on. She has long straight hair and wheals two katanas and two revolvers. She has clean and soft skin and is a killer by nature. She is employed by the government but is by trade a mercenary. She has a scar on her back from being stabbed from behind by someone whom she was in a relationship with being ageist her in a mission.

Personal Description: Tay is a shoot first and ask questions later kind of person. She dislikes people and does not trust people in her life always assuming that they will stab her in the back at first try. Because of this she acts like she is getting close to someone but never really does. She is often silent when on a mission and is very good in covert situations. She does not see anything she does as bad and sees anything within the parameters of a mission as right and correct. She does not know her family as she was orphaned as a small child. She has no real past to speak of other then that one relationship she was in.


Not known.

Service Record:

Acalon Institute - Assistant to the Dean | 1 Year - Resigned due to the job not being what she was looking for.

Private Contractor - Undisclosed Agency | 4 Years


She is very acrobatic, fast and nimble. She likes to climb, swim, hike and play destructive games. She has no current plans for her life.