Name: Tordek xiloscient

Race: Dragonborn (human/dragon)

Age: 21 or seems like on


Class: rogue

weight: 150

Hair color: bright red

eye color and shape: two black slits with orange and red sclera (instead of white)

alignment: true neutral

weapons: 1+ fire dagger and 1+ dagger of winter

armor: leather armor

physical appearance: he is almost godlike in appearance he is pretty damn good looking if it were not for his eyes his most woman would fall for him he is well toned and tall he is almost perfect in appearance except for his eyes

Living family: classified


He is one of the dragonborn but not any of the seven destroying the world he was an 8th he ran off and was the of the last ones with major blood in him. His life was rather well sheltered and he grew to love knowledge and sneaking about he wears form fitting leather armor to give him some protection and give him mobility, his mother was called beth and his father was pretty much a half dragon. and can still turn into a half dragon like a lythcrope changed but can use any kind of fire magic he can think of at the time though he normally uses his daggers to attack when enraged he will go into this half dragon mode. in his old age he has grew wise and doesn't just rush into thing with his cock thinking for him