This document provides a summary of command personnel and who reports where.

*If you are a member of the civilian administrative staff or an outside contractor please refer to your contract supervisor stated in your offer letter. This document refers to military personnel.

Trinity Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Yuka Layton

- Administration and Finance

- Fleet Operations

- Office of Personnel

- Judge Advocate General Liaison to Trinity

Trinity Executive Officer: Brigadier General Aidan Thornton

- Tactics Planning

- Liaison between departments

Director of Security: Fleet Captain Erin Mizriki

- Fleet Security

- Internal Affairs

- Fleet Tactical

- Intelligence Support

- Information Warfare Office

Director of Experimental Technologies and Corps of Engineers: Deputy Director Scott Johnson

- Fleet Engineering Bureau (Includes all starship engineering personnel)

- Fleet Starship Development Bureau

- Fleet Weapons Development Bureau

- Fleet Special Research Bureau 

Director of Scientific and Medical Services: Dr. Elias Kegan M.D.,  O.D., M.P.H.

- Fleet Medical Staff

- Fleet Counseling and Mental Health Support Staff (Counselors, Social Workers, Career Coaches)

- Fleet Science Support Staff

Director of Clandestine Services: Lt. Commander Cameron Soran-Ward

- Ship Intelligence Detachments

- Clandestine Field Operations 

Marine Corps Detachment Commandant: Colonel Carrie Ulin

- Marine Affairs

Logistical Support Services Director: Commander Charlie Levitson

- Logistical Planning

- Supply Stores

- Procurement and Purchasing

- Contracts Office

- Food Service and Housekeeping

Director of Home Office Affairs: Ambassador Arisa Eirini 

- Media and Public Relations Office

- Diplomatic Corps

- Political Services

Flight Services Director: Captain Sophie Archer

- Flight Operations

- Flight Control

- Fighter Wings

Armor Mechanized Corps Command Liaison Officer: Commissioner Dale Flint

- AMC Detachments

Alchemy Commission Command Liaison Officer: Commander Mimi Sorinson

- AC Detachment

- Gem Special Research Team