The Unified Council’s Trinity Combined Service or formerly Trinity Special Operations of the Galactic Federation is a special tactics and response unit headquartered out of the Onyx Cityship. The unit was created by the then Commodore Yuka Layton. It was created in response to the Swarm threat and to help create a small team to send on missions without the entirety of the then small Trinity. It consists of a team of specialists whom excel in their specific field and is overseen by the Orterian Princess and Military Commander Sumire Rembrant.

Captain Sumire "Remi" Rembrant – Commander
Commander Selaniphi "Selani" Kiirmant – Acting Executive Officer/Systems Specialist
Ensign Kessler Ryzka – Pilot/Tactical Operator; Team 1 (Reserve)
Ensign Valkyrie Ronas – Pilot
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kirin Dragmawl - Tactical Operator
Lieutenant Jack Pine – Tactical Operator
2nd Lieutenant Leon Alexander - CQC Specialist
Ensign Ayasha Thornton - Medic
Captain Ariel "Mina" Welheirmina - Tactical Operator; Team 1 (Reserve)
Lieutenant Sarah Pine – Tactical Marksmen/Tactical Operator; Team 1 (Reserve)
Lieutenant Ayano Layton – Tactical Marksmen/Negotiator (Reserve)

Former Members
Lieutenant Junior Grade Flennel "Flan" Lanreth - Executive Officer (KIA)
Drass Kebron –Tactical Operator (Reserve) (Transferred)
Kyle Dee - Tactical Operator (Transferred)