The Caldarus is the main ship in Sessions from chapter 1 - chapter 20. It is the longest running command ship in the history of Delta Force. It is still in service as of 4582 despite its many refits and rebuilds.

Technical Specifications

Data pending

Crew Manifest

Command Staff

Commanding Officer: Guildoer Anzon
Executive Officer: Thomas Casey

Department Heads

Tactical/Security Chief: Sirus Marion
Medical Chief: Amy Treeweld
Research Chief: James Olend
Operations/Communications Chief: Jenifer Olend
Engineering Chief: Chris Johnson

Other Crew

Operations/Security Officer: Ashley Johnson
Security Officer: Mika Therlorn
Security Officer: Mick Richardson
Field Operations Commander: Carrie Madien
Field Agent/Diplomatic Officer: Naomi Westbridge
Field Agent: James Johnson
Field Agent: Zoe Anarus
Field Agent: Aconnie Tieire