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VX or its variant VC armor is a implant developed by Lonhorn Corporation and Arvonus Corporation's Weapons Division. The implant provides  a myriad of function for such a small device. 

The VX armor looks like a small chip less than a millimeter cubed in size and is placed by the users ear. Upon placement the implant's legs enter the users ear through the ear canal into the brain and uses nanoprobes to repair the entrance. As such it cannot be seen.  A small auto-injector-like device is included for extraction if needed. Ejection of the device via special commands is forceful and removal would be require medical care  following this. Such is stated on the emergency removal kit "Warning: Emergency use only. Seek immediate medical care upon use.". Delta Force agents are issued VX armor; other versions of the armor with less features are provided to other government personnel and for civilian use.

Protective support:

-Laser and phaser weapons have greatly reduce effectiveness rendering them nearly useless

Medical support:

- Constant monitor of user vital functions

- Limited control of the bodily functions to boost self healing via nanobots

-Monitors users for invasion by foreign bodies

-Emergency stasis mode for critical injuries

-Limited protection in vacuum environments ( it cannot create oxygen )

Tactical support:

-HUD (heads up display) for weapons. Ammo capacity, range finding, aiming assist

- Assistive optical sensors  for night vision, UV, and infrared bands

- Assists user in management of inventory by transporting items into a pocket-space where the user can recover the items for later use.

Computer support:

 -Commlink function

-Networking capability

-Limited tricorder functions

Technical Details[]

The VX Armor system is designed to work as a dampening field. This is being used as a reference point. The shield can only take so much damage before it becomes useless. Also it only provides protection against energy weapons. When rolling a defensive roll if the shield is not depleted it adds to a defenders roll. It adds a static 5 to any defense rolls related to energy weapons. Its life saving functions if activated in time halt bleeding damage in unconscious/dying characters. Its nanomachines can halt disease or certain status effects if the system has seen them before. This would require above a 15 on a saving throw for the system to identify the disease or illness and activate protective measures. During these effects the character has limited movement speed if still conscious. It is HIGHLY advised characters use physical armor along with VX for maximum protection. Also note that VX is hackable; there is a disadvantage to having a computer and tricorder in your head that can heal you and add AC to energy weapons.