Yumi is Hukari's assistant first seen in Shadow Fire. Yumi was created by Joshua Hina.

Character Information

Vital Statistics:
Name: Yumi Tatolus
Race: Human
Birth date: 11/28/4546
Birth place: Earth, Tokyo
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 52.0 kg
Blood Type: A +
Personal Data:
Rank: None (Civilian)
Position: Admiral's Aide/Co-Pilot, ATS-01 Protector
Current Status: Student at Marsia Academy
Description: Yumi has had a normal life until meeting Hukari. Yumi was raised by her father and mother until Tardes attacked. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a medical tech with one of James Grey's auxiliary units. Her fathers transport was attacked by the Tardes fleet and it is unknown whether he is alive or dead, Delta Force has kept this secret from her and her mother. Yumi and Hukari have the same birthday.
Psychical Description: She has green eyes and brown hair. Her hair is down to her neck and she always tries to look nice.
History:She is American by birth however her family lives in Tokyo. She has had a normal life and befriended Hukari on her first day at the Academy. Her grades are average. She is in class 3. Hukari and Yumi met in temporal theory class. She requested transfer to Class 2 but was declined due to lack of sufficient grades. She is friends with Lea the Student Council VP.
Allissa Tatolus - Mother
Jordan Tatolus - Father
James- Brother
Hukari Carain - Friend
Service Record:
Captured by DFS when she attempted to enter the base as a separatist attack was occurring. She was not injured.
Assigned as Hukari Carain's Personal Assistant - Delta Force - 2 Months
Special AMC Training - Logistics Office, AMC Operations - 3 weeks
Special Adviser/Aide - Terran Federation Government - Current