Zander is Sophie's love interest and senior in Atsikai. He has been permanently friend-zoned by Sophie and he does not even know it. He was created by Josh Hina.

Character Information

Name: Zander Stephan Zeffer

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race/Nationality: Laviestain

Physical Description: Zander is a clean collected and well-groomed man who wears a polo and black cakey pants, the SNIEF uniform or a leather coat, black shirt, black pants and combat boots. His hair is well kept. He has black hair and green eyes. He uses two pistols and is a skilled hacker.

Personality Description: Zander is calm and collected and is a genuinely nice and gentle person; he tends to do well in very harsh situations and is often a tactical lead when on missions. He is Sophie’s Sempai one year senior to her in high school and attended the same college. He joined SNIEF when he heard she did in an attempt to follow her; Sophie did not know this. Zander was assigned to the Special Operation Unit and is one of their infiltration specialists currently assigned to the Ulson Corporation for information gathering purposes. At one point he and Sophie were romantically involved but nothing came of their relationship.

Atsikai Name: Negaima

Atsikai Age: 350

Atsikai Realm: Ori

Atsikai Sphere: Healing/Water

Atsikai Description: Negaima is a dog that can speak to humans. Negaima has healing and water based spells. He looks like a Golden Retriever. He is contracted with Zander